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Dependence between behavioural acts and sperm parameters of boars of modern and local breeds of Ukraine

Anna Lykhach, Vadym Lykhach, Yevhen Barkar, Mykola Shpetny, Olena Kucher

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This study aimed to investigate the dependence of behavioural acts and sperm parameters of boars of modern and local breeds of Ukraine. In total, 30 heads by visual observations were studied of behavioural acts (rest, movement, feed and water intake during 24 hours) at the boars aged 12 and 24 months with five heads each of the following breeds: Large White, Landrace, Ukrainian Meat, Pietrain, intrabreed type of Duroc breed of Ukrainian selection "Steppovyi" and the terminal line "Maxter". Semen sampling from boars was carried out manually on a phantom followed by assessed for quantitative and qualitative indicators of sperm and fertilizing capacity according to the "Instructions for artificial insemination of pigs" at parameters: ejaculate volumes, sperm concentration in the ejaculates, percentage of correctly motile spermatozoa, survival of spermatozoa and fertilizing ability of boars. It was established that certain behavioural acts significantly influence the qualitative and quantitative indicators of sperm parameters of boars of different breeds. Time spent (at the age of 12 months) on rest and movement, as well as the index of movement activity significantly (in all cases: P < 0.05), influenced the ejaculates volume, sperm concentration and the percentage of correctly motile spermatozoa; moreover, the effect on the ejaculates volume of these of behaviour acts had a curvilinear character. On the contrary, the survival of spermatozoa and fertilizing ability of boars was determined mainly by their time spent on feed and water intake (at the age of 24 months). In this case, the detected dependence is asymptotic.


age, artificial insemination, behavioural patterns, boar, breed, ejaculate traits


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