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Milk Supplementation: Effect on piglets performance, feeding behavior and sows physiological condition during the lactation period

Veasna Chem, Hong-Seok Mun, Keiven Mark B. Ampode, Eddiemar B. Lagua, Muhammad Ammar Dilawar, Young-Hwa Kim, Chul-Ju Yang

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The present study aimed to investigate the effect of milk liquid and powder supplements on piglets’ performance, drinking behavior, and sow back-fat thickness change during the lactation period. There were 4 experimental groups (n = 24), and in the control group (n = 6), the piglets were suckled from the sow. For the supplemental groups (n = 18), milk powder (MP), milk liquid by feeding trough (MLFT), and milk liquid feeding by the bucket (MLFB). There were significant differences in average daily weight gain between day 14 and weaning age for the MP and MLFT (p < 0.05) but not in MLFB (p > 0.05). For approaching to the feeder, there were significantly higher in MP and MLFT groups (p < 0.05). Based on the examination of sow back-fat thickness, the back-fat loss was minimal (p < 0.05) in the MP and MLFT compared to the MLFB and the control. Giving the milk supplement as powder and liquid by feeding trough has increased the average daily gain and body weight of the piglets on day 14th and on weaning day. Moreover, back-fat thickness reduction of sows in the supplemental groups is lower compared to the control group.


birth, milk replacer, piglets, sow, weaning


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