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Nutrient status, hematological and blood metabolite profile of mid-lactating dairy cows during wet and dry seasons raised under Indonesian tropical environmental conditions

Andriyani Astuti, Rochijan, Budi Prasetyo Widyobroto, Cuk Tri Noviandi

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This study was conducted to determine the nutrient status, changes in the hematological and selected blood metabolites profile of mid-lactating dairy cows during wet and dry seasons under Indonesia’s tropical environment. Forty mid-lactating FH cows were selected from the Livestock Farm Complex (Dairy Community) in Yogyakarta, with an average body weight of 421.77±28.60 kg and 1st to 3rd lactation. They were housed in a semi-open housing system with concrete flooring covered with rubber mats and provided with feeders and drinkers. They were fed twice daily, and drinking water was given ad libitum. Measurements were made on the intakes of feed (and nutrients). The variables measured were nutrient intakes, blood hematology, and metabolites profile and measured over two seasons, namely wet and dry seasons. The results of the measurements made were compared using independent t-test analysis. The result indicated that intake of CP, RLYM, RNEUT, NEUT, RBC, HGB, MCV, MCHC, MPV, albumin, urea nitrogen, and total protein was differed significantly (P < 0.05) between wet and dry seasons, respectively. It was concluded that the nutrient status of mid-lactating dairy cows in the wet season was higher than during the dry season, especially the intake of CP. In the wet season, it has a positive effect on the basic hematological parameters.


blood metabolite profile, dairy cows, hematology, mid-lactation, season


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