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Toxic impacts of a mixture of three pesticides on the reproduction and oxidative stress in male rats

Narimene Bouabdallah, Leila Mallem, Cherif Abdennour, Amel Chouabbia, Mohamed Tektak

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The present study investigated the toxic effect of a mixture of three pesticides (cypermethrin, mancozeb, and metalaxyl) on reproduction and oxidative stress parameters in male Wistar rats. Animals were treated at doses 1/60, 1/30, and 1/10 LD50 of each pesticide daily in the diet for 08 weeks. At the end of the treatment period, animals were sacrificed by decapitation. The results indicate a decrease in the absolute weight of testes and epididymis, the serum of testosterone hormone, and cholesterol levels. These parameters were significant reduced in males exposed to the mixed pesticides. A reduction in sperm concentration, motility, and viability also was observed. Besides, the ingestion of mixed pesticides at all three concentrations caused a significant decrease in GSH, GPx levels and an increase in MDA levels compared to the control group. This was accompanied by histopathological changes in testis and epididymis of rats such as seminiferous tubules degeneration, decreasing number of spermatogenic cells, edema, expansion of interstitial spaces, cell necrosis, and reducing the diameter of the epididymal tube compared to the control group. Thus, we strongly suggest that the mixture of pesticides causes damages to the male reproductive system.


cholesterol, histopathology of testes and epididymis, MDA, testosterone


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