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Reproduction cycle of Longtail shad (Tenualosa macrura) in Bengkalis Waters, Riau, Indonesia

Thamrin, Ridwan Manda Putra, Nofrizal, Rika Kurniawan, Agung Dhamar Syakti

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Tenualosa macrura is an endangered fish in Riau Province, which is classified as a protected fish.  Therefore, the first step is to study the reproductive cycle, aiming o prevent these species from extinction. The observation was carried out for 13 months from January 2019 to February 2020 (except February 2019) in Indonesia's Bengkalis waters. This study's purpose was to determine the spawning season, fecundity, and behavior of this species. The results showed that the relationship between length and weight positively correlates with the length-weight of male T. macrura (R² = 0.84) and female (R² = 0.67), while the length-weight of all males and females were reported to be (R² = 0.95). Meanwhile, the relationship between fecundity and length-weight has no relationship. Furthermore, the spawning season lasted throughout the year, and it occurred at every low tide (dark moon) and high tide (full moon). Despite being discovered occasionally in a limited amount, the greatest amount of T. macrura was reported between July and September each year.


oocytes, reproductive cycle, spawning fecundity, testes


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